About Me


I am an Audio Visual Engineer with a deep passion for music and the arts. I mainly do freelance work with various production companies, and may take up contractual work at venues (bars, restaurants, theatres etc.) every now and then.

I would love to share my experiences and thoughts on various topics that are relevant to the dynamic world of music and audio. When I am not behind mixing consoles and video switchers, you will find me practising my guitar, attending live shows with friends and probably be spending hours playing Counter-Strike. As a passionate musician myself, I constantly open up my ears to everything and anything that sounds great!

So why do I do this?

Well, the reason is simple, I want to help out in anyway I possibly can.

Getting into the industry is not that simple. I for one, knows that it takes countless hours of manual labour and many sleep-deprived nights,  just to get the first step into the front door of the industry. If you are lucky, you have a mentor to guide and teach you the ropes. If not, you would most probably end up lost.

To me, sharing of knowledge to people who hunger for it is a very noble deed. Many good people out there have shared their experiences and provided guidance, which was very crucial to the development of my career. Therefore, I think it is my turn to give back.

Throughout my endeavours in this ever-evolving industry, I hope to be able to bring you information and resources that will be very useful for budding AV engineers everywhere. When I am not busy working on anything else, I would love to share music that catches my ear, while also offering my own personal opinions on various production methods and techniques that I come across. Hopefully you will be able to find something that you can learn to incorporate into your own productions!

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