AKG K702 Headphones Review – A Worthy Choice!

There are many headphone models to choose from, but which is the right one? I love reviewing audio products that offer great value, without breaking the bank. So, if you are looking for an affordable pair of high quality reference headphones, then you have come to the right place. Hopefully today’s AKG K702 Headphones Review will help you in your quest!

Product Overview

AKG has been around in the international audio industry for a long time, and has become a trusted brand among audio professionals. AKG studio headphones are well-known around the world for their pristine sound quality, and the K702 is no exception. They are specifically engineered to be suitable for critical listening, mixing, and mastering applications.

AKG K702

The K702 is essentially the product of research that has been done for over 60 years and it is created with the best technology that AKG could offer. Not only is the K702 designed to reproduce transparent sound with minimal colouration, they are also built to provide maximum comfort for the user. These headphones also come with high performance cables.

Product Specification

  • Open-type headphones
  • 10Hz to 39800Hz frequency response
  • 105dB (SPL/V) headphone sensitivity
  • Replaceable earpads
  • Detachable cable
  • 3m cable length

Let us now go through some of the K702’s major features, and see if they are good for you!

Great Audio Experience

The first obvious question that many will ask is – Does it sound good? Well, the AKG K702 is rather unique as compared to other headphones, as its transducer component actually uses a revolutionary flat-wire technology. To make things simple, this means that there will be a better treble response and every audio element is precisely where they should be.

AKG Membrane

Another crucial component that contributes to the K702’s brilliant sound quality, is the patented Varimotion two-layer diaphragm. Together with its open-back design, the AKG K702 will be able to produce a spacious and airy sound quality, with a velvety and punchy bass response. All these features are optimised for professional audio applications.

Superb Comfort

Looking forward to mixing your tracks for hours on end? Then you are going to need a very comfortable pair of headphones. Don’t worry, as the AKG K702 excels in this department with its improved genuine leather cushioned headband and 3D-foam earpads that will definitely increase the level of comfort and allow you to work with the K702 for long periods.

Padded band

The K702 headphones are also manufactured in a highly complex environment, which allows them to retain their delicate and sophisticated look, without sacrificing durability. They will also not feel heavy on your head, as they only weigh about 1.8 pounds (about o.8kg). Finally, every K702 is tested at the end of the production line, to maintain high quality standards.

Quality Accessories

When buying headphones, it is also important to look at the accessories that come with it. This may help you to decide if the product is really worth your money. The K702 headphones comes with a  gold plated mini jack adaptor (1/4″), that you can attach to the 3.5mm stereo plug on the cable. This allows you to plug into any audio device that has a 1/4″ jack.


Another important accessory that shouldn’t be overlooked is the headphone’s cable itself. With the K702s, you will get a professional cable with a mini XLR connector. This allows you to make a quick replacement of the cable, in case it malfunctions in the future. The headphone cable also has a “coiled” design, which saves you the trouble of dealing with entangled cables.

Here’s a great video showing the AKG K702’s exceptional design quality!

Pros and Cons


  • Open, organic sound quality
  • Excellent bass frequency response
  • Clear and crisp treble response
  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable leather headband
  • 3D-foam earpads
  • Great value for money


  • Bass response will only get better after repeated use for a period of time (at least 100 hours)
  • Ear pads are a little stiff at first, and takes a little while to break-in

ConclusionK702 AKG

AKG headphones are really unique in the way they sound, and I have never heard any other headphone sounding they way they do. Generally speaking, AKG reference headphones have an organic and airy sound quality, which many love, and some may not.

From an objective point of view, the K702 studio headphones are perfect for all your professional audio requirements, and also for casual music listening. However, I personally prefer to use closed-back headphones for all my audio needs, due to their more “isolated” sound reproduction quality.

Keep in mind that this is purely my personal preference, and other producers and engineers have theirs as well. That being said, the AKG K702 is really worth every penny. I should add that it is really difficult to find professional studio headphones with the same pristine sound quality, offered at an affordable price. I definitely highly recommend it!



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  1. There are so many headphone models to choose from! I also am a huge music enthusiast, and I’ve found AKG headphones to be some pretty high quality instruments. I have never used the AKG K702, but I do have an AKG- K240 and an AKG Y50 BT and they are great headphones for the price. AKG’s have a really crisp treble response and the bass is pretty decent as well. I would like to buy more of these headphones in the future for sure 🙂

    • Hey Koda!

      Yeah, AKG headphones do have a great reputation internationally. What’s great is that you can now enjoy high quality AKG headphones at an affordable price!

      Thanks for dropping by!

  2. I must admit i can’t remember the last time i was rocking to music’, even though i spent my middle years doing just that especially in a music shop i owned., nowadays its only when driving.A very comprehensive review of the AKG K702 headphones,Plenty of information for the enthusiast.I hope it leads to many sales. Best of luck. I love your caption.Keep loving what you do.

    • Hi Courtney!

      It is my goal to make all my product reviews comprehensive, with plenty of useful information. Glad you liked this review!


  3. Hi there!
    Dang, these look and sound like just my type of headphones! In fact just yesterday I was looking at the ones I currently own, they’re nothing special, just a JVC brand.. and was thinking how much I’d like to treat myself to some top quality ones like these here.

    I’m seriously considering buying a pair! 🙂

    • Hey Sarah!

      These headphones are great for any audio application, whether its just casual music listening or professional music production. They are really a great long term investment. Do come back if you have any questions!

      Thanks for reading!

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